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War & Peace 2010


War  and Peace

‘War  and Peace’ reflects on the violent and militaristic past of Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Islands incidentally where the Magellanic Penguin is native.
Even in Peace the actions of man weigh heavy on the survival of many species through climate change, land clearing, over fishing and pollution.

And all the time the burgeoning production of the Chinese industrial machine washes the debris of unbridled consumerism onto the shores of every beach across the planet.

This then, speaks of natures ability to adapt against, and in spite of, the tide of human activity that seeks to strangle it.

War and Peace 2010
Acrylic Cabinet 600mm x 600mm, timber stand with 2 pack black high gloss paint finish, 600mm x 600mm x1000mm, 2 x mounted Magellanic Penguins,
Spheniscus magellanicus (Chile), assorted plastic soldiers (China).

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