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Crying out loud in the age of stupid

In these complex times of environmental degradation, pollution and declining diversity, it seems almost impossible to balance the needs of human communities with that of non-human communities. In Canada the Inuit peoples of the frozen north are given a quota to hunt various species important to the continuum of their culture. This is the origin of this sub adult male Polar Bear taken by the Inuit for its meat, its skin sold on to support the community as has been the case for thousands of years.

The bear was mounted in Melbourne, Australia and affixed to its mock fridge in Sydney.

The message is clear enough, the very mechanism human communities use to make ice(a refrigerator) depletes natural ice formations through decades of CFC release and ozone damage. The Polar bear teeters on the edge of catastrophe as its habitat melts, its prey diminishes and starvation ensues.

1 x sub adult male Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus (Canada)
MDF, 2 pack high gloss white paint.

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