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Happy Father's Day, from the modern Utopia series , 2009

‘Happy Father’s Day’ presents a utopic vision of the natural world however even under the most rarified conditions there is no possible way we could ask a fox to show the slightest paternity towards the ducklings that flock around him, his natural instincts would surely prevail and the picture would turn to carnage in the blink of an eye.

This work under pins humankind’s unique desire to tame the natural world and order it according to human values and moralities.
The violence and godlessness of the natural world makes many of us uneasy even anxious.
It could be argued that this ‘anxiety’ impedes our ability to fully embrace nature and its workings, making it more difficult to fully engage with the environmental debate, in particular the onslaught of climate change?

Happy Father’s Day, 2010 Acrylic case …., 2 pack high gloss painted Black timber stand 1000mm x
I x mounted Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes(USA), 7 x mounted ducklings (China).

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