# 1 Dome of Doom no.1

# 2 Dome of Doom no.1

# 3 Dome of Doom no.1

# 4 Dome of Doom no.1

# 5 Dome of Doom no.1

# 1 Dome of Doom no.2

# 2 Dome of Doom no.2

# 3 Dome of Doom no.2

# 4 Dome of Doom no.2

# 1 Dome of Doom no.3

# 2 Dome of Doom no.3

# 3 Dome of Doom no.3

# 4 Dome of Doom no.3

The Domes of Doom

Constructed in a Victorian style glass dome, one of a series that’s seeks to be a snapshot of the animal kingdom bringing together widely different and unrelated species to create a seemingly plausible environment on the brink of disaster. Once again this work is designed to feed on our anxieties towards the natural world.

Dome pictured includes: 1x male & 1x female Siberian Ruby throats, (Luscinia siberiana), 4 x Bird Eating Spiders, Tarantulas (Eurypeima spinicrus), 2x Dorysthenes walkeri and 1x each of the following beetle species: Torynorrhina flammea, Dicranucephalus sp, Sternocera aeguisignata, Rhetulus sp, Nippondorcas arrowi, Locanus formosanus f, Pachyteria dimidiata, Trichogormphus martabani. wood, plant material, glue, acrylic paint, glass dome.

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