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New Works 2010

In Cuckoo (a series of 4 x1950’s Cuckoo clocks) the traditional motifs of the Black Forest region of Germany, its plants and animals and hunting themes are replaced with more contemporary motifs.
New carvings have been commissioned and produced by master carvers in the Philippines on new themes in and around issues relating to climate change and the environment. As the Cuckoo cries cuckoo on quarter, half and full hours we are reminded of our insane attitudes to our environment, to coin the name of a recent film, in “The Age of Stupid”.

  1. When the Black Forest burns, This Cuckoo reminds us of the fragility of our forests and bush lands in the face of drought and altered climate.
  1. Making a monkey of us, looks at our relationship to other species, paying homage to the work of Charles Darwin  in a reproduction of Hugo Rheinholds sculpture, ‘Monkey regarding a skull’,1892. It also eludes to recent acts of genocide against our own species
  1. Regarding the Roo cull, an Australian version of the traditional European hunt.
  1. The Whaling Cuckoo, Each time the Cuckoo calls we are reminded of the slaughter in the southern oceans and ours, and other regional leaders reluctance to put environmental values before economic ones.

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