roughs for the installation

Un-titled (with toxic additives)

About the work:

Un-titled with toxic additives attempts to illustrate the demise of many of the worlds seabirds to plastic ingestion. The skeletons of five Magellanic
Penguin lay side by side in a crate divided especially to house them, their internal organs are replaced with common plastic waste likely to be discarded
by households and found floating in the worlds oceans. The great pacific garbage patch estimated to be the size of France floating in the middle of the
Pacific Ocean is thought now be rivaled by a similar sized patch of floating debris in the mid Atlantic Ocean.

Did you know?

Research on Lord Howe Island off Australia’s East Coast in 2006 revealed that 80% of Flesh-footed shearwater chicks contained plastic in their stomach.
The amount of plastic can be as high as 15% of the body weight –equivalent to a human carrying 12kg. Needless to say few fledglings survive, either starving
to death or suffering from torn stomachs by shards of plastic.

For more information on the seabirds of Lord Howe Island go to:

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